Revision Breast Augmentation / Capsular Contraction

Type of Procedure: Surgical

Age: 30-39

Ethnicity: White

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 150

This client previously underwent breast augmentation with saline implants when she was nineteen years old, increasing her cup size from an A to a C. But she developed visible rippling that she didn’t’ like. And when laying down, the breast implant would slide outward to the side, something she found unattractive. She elected to undergo removal of the old saline implants and replacement with Silicone gel implants. In order to correct the problem of the implants sliding outward, gel implants with a wider base measurement were chosen. 500 cc Mentor smooth round moderate plus profile implants were placed beneath the muscle. Her original incision at the edge of the areola was used. She was very happy. In the photos with her arms upwards, you can see how beforehand, the implants would shift outward, and afterwards, they would remain centered behind the breasts.

Front, pre-surgery

Front, post surgery

Front arms lifted, pre-surgery

Front arms lifted, post surgery

Left, pre-surgery

Left, post surgery

Right, pre-surgery

Right, post-surgery

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