Revision Breast Augmentation / Capsular Contracture

Type of Procedure: Surgical

Age: 50-59

Ethnicity: White

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 130

This very pleasant woman, married, was concerned about how hard her breasts had become. Silicone implants were placed 32 years ago, and she noticed the breasts harden slowly over time. Her breasts were also tender at times. She didn’t want a larger breast size but was interested in restoring a softer, more natural feel. During surgery, old implants were removed, including gel material and the hard capsules. Mentor smooth, round, moderate plus profile gel implants were used for the replacement, with a volume of 275 cc. She healed very well and was really pleased with the natural feel of her new breasts.

Front, pre-surgery

Front, post surgery

Left, pre-surgery

Left, post surgery

Right, pre-surgery

Right, post surgery

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