Mommy Makeover

Type of Procedure: Surgical

Age: 50-59

Ethnicity: White

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170

This active mother of two really wanted to reduce the signs of aging, including the loose abdominal skin and heavy appearance. She wanted her breasts lifted but was concerned that a formal breast reduction through her insurance would result in a breast size too small for her frame. A mommy makeover was performed, incorporating a medial pedicle breast lift (mastopexy), an abdominoplasty, as well as liposuction of her hips and flanks. She recovered well and said that she couldn’t have imagined a more pleasing outcome for her appearance.

Front, pre-surgery

Front, post-surgery

Left, pre-surgery

Left, post-surgery

Right, pre-surgery

Right, post surgery

Right, pre-surgery

Right, post-surgery

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