Lasers and Energy-Based Devices

Dr. Richard Tepper personally performs all of the laser and energy-device procedures at his Springfield, NJ Plastic Surgery and cosmetic practice, since New Jersey regulations prohibit non-medical personnel from operating most devices. Dr. Richard Tepper will meet with you to personally discuss your concerns, and then devise a treatment plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Lasers and energy-based devices have become very sophisticated, and can address a variety of conditions, including Facial wrinkles and lip lines, loose skin, cellulite, unwanted fat, unwanted hair, brown spots, red spots, sunspots, freckles, scars and even unwanted tattoos.

Below are some of the conditions that Dr. Richard Tepper currently treats at his Springfield, NJ Plastic Surgery practice:

Sagging Skin

Stretch Marks

Submental Fat

(fat under the chin and in front of neck)

Unwanted Hair – Laser Hair Removal

About Lasers & Energy Based Devices

Fraxel® DUAL

This laser device utilizes two different wavelengths to achieve a combination of skin tightening and skin resurfacing. Fraxel® DUAL helps achieve more youthful appearing skin. The complexion improves, as sun-damaged, “freckled” skin is replaced with a smoother, more uniform complexion. Fraxel can treat pre-cancerous lesions, sun damage, freckles, blotchiness, and acne scars. It is safe for most skin types. This laser treats tiny areas within each “section”, so most patients undergo 4 treatments spaced 1 month apart. Each visit typically lasts about an hour. A customized numbing gel is applied to the treated areas prior to the laser treatment. No injections are required. There is no bleeding or raw area. Patients typically experience redness that can last from 1-5 days. Others experience light peeling or tightness.

CO2RE Laser

This laser is a carbon dioxide ablative laser and is the most “aggressive” laser we use. This laser is indicated for the treatment of facial wrinkles, including vertical lip lines and other areas of aging. This procedure usually requires some form of local anesthetic, usually an injected anesthetic. Procedure time varies based on what’s being done. Often times, patients require only one treatment but occasionally, a re-treatment several months later is desired for an even greater improvement.

Candela Gentle Max

This laser permits hair removal in many locations, and for many skin types. Treatment areas include the facial region, back of the neck hairline, bikini area, legs, back, and arms. Some mild redness and / or soreness may ensue for a few days.

Candela V-Beam Perfecta

This laser is used for the treatment of scars, small capillary or spider veins and other areas of redness, such as Rosacea, resulting in reduced redness, softer scars, and elimination of small capillaries or other red blotches. Most patients find the treatments very beneficial and very effective.

Alex TriVantage™

This laser is primarily used to treat brown spots and other pigmented areas. It also has a role in treating unwanted hair in certain individuals, and in helping to remove certain types of tattoos. Local anesthetics are often not required, and the recovery is fairly rapid. For tattoo removal, several treatments at a minimum are required.

Profound (Syneron ®)

This energy-based device utilizes radiofrequency energy to achieve skin tightening and fat reduction. It can be used to tighten skin in the face and is one of the very few devices that can achieve tightening of the skin the neck region. To treat the face and neck, patients should expect to spend between 2 and 3 hours in the office, during with time local anesthetics are administered and the procedure is performed. Afterwards, patients may have some swelling and mild bruising, and have the appearance of many tiny pinpricks on the skin. Profound can also be used to treat unwanted fat in certain areas, and to treat cellulite.


This energy-based device utilizes heat to “melt away” unwanted fat. Similar in application to the popularly advertised “Cool Sculpt”, TruSculpt requires less time and is less expensive. Did you know that a small number of patients receiving Cool Sculpt will actually develop increased fat? You heard that correctly. TruSculpt utilizes a small rectangular handpiece and each area receives treatments for 4 minutes. After all of the areas are treated, patients have some redness and perhaps a little soreness, but the procedure is very well tolerated. Patients return for a second procedure approximately 6-8 weeks later.


While there are some lasers that require extended periods of healing, the devices selected by Dr. Richard Tepper provide a great balance between effectiveness and ease of recovery. And whereas some ablative lasers can create open wounds, oozing infection risk and prolonged redness lasting weeks or months, Dr. Tepper can explain how his selection of Lasers & Energy Based Devices can offer patients very nice benefits without the need to stay home, miss work and avoid social interaction.

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