Scar Revision

Do you have a scar from a prior accident or surgery?   Is the scar red, bumpy or otherwise bothersome?  Is it very large? Scar revision refers to a procedure designed to improve the appearance of a scar, and can be applied to scars located just about anywhere on the face or body.

Almost anyone you ask has a scar somewhere.  After all, scars represent the process by which the human body heals injury.  If the skin is cut, a scar will form.  Sometimes the scar will be thin, and other times it will be thick and irregular.  Dr. Tepper may be able to pinpoint factors that contributed to thick or undesirable scar formation.

Scars can never be removed completely.  Once formed, they are permanent.  However, it may be possible to achieve a scar that is thinner, flatter or less noticeable.  Scar revisions can be performed on children and adults alike.

Keloids represent a unique category of scarring whereby the scar tissue that has formed greatly exceeds the size of the original injury.   Hypertrophic scars are basically thick, raised scars, but proportional to the size of the injury or skin incision. Both can be painful, itchy, or even unstable, exhibiting cracks or ulcers.

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About Scar Revision

Several modalities exist to help improve the appearance of a scar.

  • Surgery has the advantage of actually removing the thick or irregular scar and then re-suturing.  Benefits of this approach include a faster treatment course and the ability to rearrange the tissue if a more favorable orientation exists.
  • Laser therapy offers the ability to weaken scars, remove redness, and create a smoother surface contour.   Laser treatments are quick and well tolerated, with maybe minor discomfort.   Multiple treatments are typically required.
  • Injections of steroid medications may help scars become less thick and rubbery.
  • Topical applications of silicone gel may help lessen scar inflammation.

When surgical scar revision is planned, Dr. Richard Tepper commonly performs smaller procedures in his office-based operating room under local anesthesia.  Larger procedures may require a facility that administers IV sedation or other forms of anesthesia.


Your recovery will depend on the degree of surgery or other procedure performed.  Minor surgery and laser procedures / injections have minimal downtime and discomfort. Sutures are typically removed in about a week when applicable.  Larger procedures may differ.  Dr. Richard Tepper will gladly discuss your specific needs.

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