Buttock Enhancement

Whether you desire a fuller buttock or rounded, more shapely buttock, contouring and reshaping of the buttocks has become incredibly popular. Women and men may now obtain the appearance of more youthful, rounded buttocks. And while some patients desire a significant increase in size, not everyone needs to conform to that. Others may simply want a more balanced appearance.

There are several reasons for choosing to undergo Gluteal Contouring and Reshaping. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Your buttocks are too small for your body frame
  • Your buttocks are not properly proportioned
  • Your buttocks may be flat or square, and you desire more curves
  • Your buttocks have begun to sag

If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your buttock region and are in relatively good health, you are a likely candidate for the procedure.

About Buttock Enhancementt / Gluteal Contouring

During your consultation with Dr. Richard Tepper, you will have an opportunity to discuss your concerns, and learn about how this procedure can offer improved gluteal proportions.

Despite the popular term “Brazilian butt lift”, buttock enhancement involves much more than simply making the buttocks bigger or higher! Just about all patients undergo liposuction, both to obtain fat for grafting, and to further shape the buttocks or narrow the waist. It is important to note that patients need to have enough excess fat elsewhere on their bodies in order to perform buttock enhancement.

Once fat is harvested from other regions of the body, the fat is reinjected, a process often referred to as fat grafting or lipo-filling. Fat may be added to the upper portion of the buttock region, or the inner / outer areas of each buttock to help create a rounded appearance. The fat is added superficial to (above) the muscle, as intra-muscular placement has been deemed to be dangerous.

The buttock crease can be improved if this is a concern. Some patients benefit from having loose skin removed in this area. Such an area would then be sutured closed.

The procedure is performed in the hospital under anesthesia, and location can be tailored to your needs.

Patients often hear the term STEM CELL utilized in advertising. Although it is believed that stem cells are indeed present in the fatty tissue that is removed and then transferred to the buttock, board-certified plastic surgeons are not permitted to advertise or mention any guarantee of a special STEM CELL effect, as the currently available equipment cannot verify the presence of stem cells in the filtered tissue.


Patients usually feel well within the first week after surgery. Soreness and stiffness are commonly reported. It is important that patients not place prolonged or excessive pressure on the buttock region. You should refrain from sitting directly on your buttocks for at least seven to ten days, more so if you also had fat grafting. Sleeping on your stomach is also important. Compression garments may be worn for four to six weeks. Light exercise can be resumed in about four weeks. It may take three to four months for all of the swelling to go away.

As with any fat grafting procedure, it is very important to understand that not all of the transferred fat will survive, and that sub-optimal survival should not be construed as a problem or complication with the procedure. Some patients may elect to undergo additional procedures if more volume is desired.

Fat grafting and fat transfers have grown in popularity as the techniques have been refined and developed. We have the ability to transfer your own natural body tissue from a less desirable area to a more desirable area, such as your buttocks. Now, you can achieve a more youthful-looking gluteal shape.

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