Four Popular Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments To make You Look And Feel Younger

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Injectables and skin treatments can take off the years – with little or no downtime

From the second we see that first gray hair or that first little smile line, we’re eager to turn back the clock. There’s certainly nothing wrong with aging – we all do it! – Some of us just want to put the “aging gracefully” off for a few years. We all want smooth, youthful skin – no wrinkles, no sags. For some of us, nature is kind: our faces stay line-free, lips remain full, eyes bright. For most of us, though, we have to work a little harder and recruit a little outside help.

Years ago, a face-lift was the only option for this kind of effect. Fortunately, today there are many less invasive options. Injectables and topical skin treatments can offer stunning results without the discomfort and downtime of going under the knife. If you’re unhappy with the way the years are showing on your face, here are some options to consider:

Popular Non-Surgical Alternatives To A Face Lift

Kybella®: This new procedure is a game-changer if you have a double chin or extra fat in the upper neck region. Administered in a series of small injections, Kybella literally destroys fat cells in the area. Over a series of treatments, the fat disappears, revealing a smoother, more defined neck. There may be some local swelling or bruising during and after treatment, and there are some limitations and minor risks that you should be aware of, but the procedure is popular and well tolerated.

Botox: The best-known injectable treatment is still among the most popular. Botox® Cosmetic temporarily reduces or eliminates lines and wrinkles in the facial region. The furrows between the eyebrows and the crows’ feet lines are the two approved uses for Botox, yet it is common for Botox to be used off-label to create a smoother forehead or even soften a dimpled chin. Botox works by targeting muscles that have contracted repeatedly over the years, smoothing these lines from beneath the skin’s surface. The results are dramatic, appearing with a few days and lasting up to four months.

Fillers: While wrinkles caused by frowning and squinting can be treated with Botox® Cosmetic, surface wrinkles and hollows need a different solution. As we age, our face seems to lose volume in certain areas, such as the cheeks, and gain in others, such as with jowl formation. Fillers like Juvaderm® and Restylane® are a great, fuss-free solution for problems like “parenthesis” lines around the mouth, loss of volume in the cheeks, and thinning lips. These injectables deliver beautiful results, instantly plumping, lifting and smoothing your skin. Fillers are usually composed of hyaluronic acids, but other great products are also used with much satisfaction. The results may last from many months to as long as 2 years.

Microdermabrasion: Combined with injectables or on its own, microdermabrasion instantly brightens the skin on your face, bringing a healthy and youthful glow. Microdermabrasion is essentially an intensive exfoliating treatment, so while skin may be a little pink for a day afterward, there is no downtime. After a treatment, skin looks soft, smooth and youthful, making microdermabrasion a great option for just about anyone – especially anyone who can’t afford downtime.

These treatments can remove the years – sometimes instantly (with fillers and microdermabrasion), if not over the course of mere weeks. The results may last from months to years, and downtime is typically minimal. With most, the results will be dramatic to you; you’ll notice the smoother, plumper skin and younger overall look. Your friends and family will notice you look better and younger, but they won’t be able to put a finger on exactly what’s changed.
If you’re goal is to rejuvenate areas of your face without the expense and recovery of surgery, these treatments might just be the solutions you’re looking for. Want more information? Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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