Male Breast Implant

Do you feel as though your chest muscles are under-developed? Do you wish you had larger chest muscles? Do you suffer from Poland Syndrome or some other condition that resulted in chest asymmetry? Male breast enhancement may be able to help you achieve the result you desire.

Also knows as Pectoral Implant Surgery, breast enhancement surgery involves placing a solid implant behind the existing chest muscle or tissue in order to achieve a fuller appearance. Reasons a man might choose to undergo breast enhancement surgery include:

  • You want your chest (pectoralis) muscles to appear larger.
  • You suffer from Poland Syndrome or some other condition that has resulted in an asymmetry or muscle under-development.

Dr. Richard Tepper will work with you to personalize your procedure so it suits your individualized needs.

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About Male Breast Implants

The surgical procedure for Male Breast Enhancement involves the placement of an implant beneath the chest muscles, otherwise known as the pectoralis muscles. The incision is often placed in or near the axillary region, under the arm, allowing for a well-disguised scar. The procedure is performed with anesthesia and patients go home the same day.


Before After

After surgery, you will likely experience some discomfort and soreness for several days to a week. Gentle compression is utilized for a few weeks, to help with swelling. Return to work will be influenced by one’s specific job tasks, but most people would be able to return after a week.

The results are immediate.   Your chest will look fuller.  In the case of Poland Syndrome or some other chest deformity, your new profile can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.  If you have been bothered by your chest appearance,

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