Ear Lobe Repair

Have you noticed that your ear, where it is pierced, has stretched? Do stud earrings tilt downward or even fall out? Is your earlobe close to splitting? Ear Lobe Repairs are commonly performed by Dr. Richard Tepper in the comfort of his Springfield NJ office-based surgery center

Earrings are beloved by many, contributing to a person’s sense of style and expressions. And when the piercing begins to fail, the aesthetic of wearing an earring diminishes.

You may wish to consider an otoplasty if:

  • The piercing visibly appears stretched or about to split
  • Your ear lobe already has a split
  • Your ear lobe is already over-stretched from wearing gauges
  • Stud earrings tilt forward or fall out

About Ear Lobe Repair

  • Repair of the earlobe is a simple procedure, performed under local anesthesia, in our comfortable, certified surgery suite.
  • Tiny incisions are made in the front and rear of the earlobe, removing any intervening skin. The earlobe is then repaired.
  • In cases of excessively stretched earlobes, the resulting size of the earlobe may be smaller than the original size.
  • Each lobe takes 20 to 30 minutes to repair. Patients often will repair both sides, so symmetry upon re-piercing can be addressed.


A small band aid and ointment are all that’s needed. Patients can shower the next day. Ointment is applied twice daily, until sutures are removed in a week. The ear lobe is re-pierced after about 2-3 months.

If your ear lobes have changed and are not permitting normal use of earrings, this easy procedure can restore that joy.

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