Facial Laceration (Plastic Surgery Repair)

Are you concerned about scarring? Was there a time when you needed to have a wound sutured after an accident, and you weren’t pleased with the outcome? If you or a loved one accidentally sustain an injury, Dr. Richard Tepper can help.

Using the most current plastic surgery techniques, designed to minimize the scarring the greatest extent possible, he can meet you at a local emergency room, or provide suturing services in his accredited office facility.

If you’re home, you can call him directly through his office number, and if you’re already at the emergency room, you may request that a staff member call him. Naturally, if you’re having a true emergency, you should seek care first.

About Plastic Surgery Laceration Repair

Patients ask all the time…. Is there a different between a plastic surgeon repair and that of an emergency room doctor? The answer is often “yes”. That’s because of several factors, including the experience to gauge how something may turn out. Sometimes finer sutures are needed, sometimes layered sutures are needed, whereas sometimes not. Sometimes, wound edges and skin need to be trimmed, but other times doing so may be a problem. Positive outcomes are derived from proper care as well as setting proper expectations. Dr. Richard Tepper will gladly review treatment choices, to help you make the best-informed decision about your own care.


Dr. Richard Tepper will guide you through the healing process, beginning with early care, suture removal, early scar maturation and longer-term scar strategies, all designed for optimal blending of the scar.

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