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Losing a breast to cancer or some other circumstance can be an extremely wrenching event. Women are often painfully self-conscious and even admit to feeling “less than a woman” without their breast or breasts. Studies have indicated that breast reconstruction can be a richly empowering procedure, giving woman a renewed sense of self-identity and added emotional support.

Here are some reasons why you might opt to undergo breast reconstruction surgery:

  • You have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are planning to have surgery.
  • You already had breast reconstruction surgery but desire a revision or correction.
  • You suffer from a congenital breast anomaly and desire better symmetry.

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About Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction involves just that, replacing as best as possible what might have been lost or absent due to illness, injury or prior surgery.

Regarding women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, reconstructive options may be influenced by the choice of cancer surgery and whether chemotherapy and radiation therapy are planned. Sometimes it is possible to preserve most of the natural skin envelope of the breast, and even the nipple areolar region. Other times, there may be very good reasons to sacrifice those structures for safety reasons. Your breast reconstruction surgery will be individually tailored to meet your specific needs.
Reconstructive options include the use of implants, your own body tissue, also called “flaps”, as well as fat grafting using your own tissue. Each of the options has its relative benefits and the specifics would be addressed during your consultation. But as a general thought, some procedures require more complex surgery or greater hospitalization and recovery times, whereas others may offer a more rapid return to certain activities. Some procedures require the use of breast implants, and others might not. And lastly, the final appearance may differ depending on your desires. Dr. Tepper will discuss the available options with you, along with his focus on implant reconstruction, fat grafting, and certain forms of flap surgery.


Your recovery will depend on the surgical choices you select. Dr. Tepper will gladly review your options and answer any questions you may have during your consultation.

Breast reconstruction can make a significant difference in your quality of life, your personal self-image, and your ability to return to normal life after cancer.  Dr. Tepper understands how difficult this process can be, and will work closely with you to find the best plan.

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