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If you are bothered by the asymmetry of your breasts, you are not alone. Does one breast (or both) appear different from others you may have seen in photos or in person? Does the base of the breast seem too narrow; the areola too large? You may be suffering from tuberous breast deformity.

Tuberous breasts, also called tubular breasts, are caused by an abnormal development of breast tissue, leading to asymmetrical growth the characteristic shape. The base of the breast, where they attach to the chest wall, is narrowed or constricted. The areola looks stretched or “bulging”, caused by breast tissue herniating (being forced) through that area. The breast may appear far apart and be of different sizes. Many women are very self conscious of this appearance.

You may be an ideal candidate for tuberous breast corrective surgery if:

  • One or both breasts suffer from this deformity.
  • One or both breasts have an excessively thin base
  • The inframammary fold (breast crease) is too high or tight

While there is no health concern related to tuberous breasts, the cosmetic severity can have a significant effect on a person’s sense of personal self-identify.

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About Breast Augmentation

Tuberous breast deformity is a congenital abnormality in which one or both breasts fail to develop fully and normally during puberty. This deformity occurs in roughly 1 to 5% of women, and can be corrected with breast surgery.

Breast augmentation and tissue expansion are two options for correcting tubular breasts. Surgery releases the constricted tissue and allows placement of the implant. In many cases, the base of the breast is widened and the areola size is reduced. The inframammary fold may be lowered as well. The surgery may take 2-3 hours and may not be covered by insurance. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.


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The recovery from this surgery shares many similarities with the recovery of those undergoing breast augmentation and mastopexy. If you have felt saddened by this breast appearance, tuberous breast corrective surgery may be for you. Dr. Tepper will work closely with you to create a pleasing shape, and help give you a new sense of physical and emotional balance.

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